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Our residential locksmith Queens has been working with residential customers for more than ten years, and that’s why we feel confident when we say that our locksmith services are the best choice in the area. For over a decade in business, Eddie and Sons Locksmith has built a strong relationship with our community in the heart of Queens. When our customers see our home locksmith Queens fully loaded vans soon after they called, thanks to our dependable 20-minute response, they have smiles on their faces. Being honest and reliable are values that we hold close during all our interactions with residential customers. Call Eddie and Sons Queens residential locksmith to install hardware or repair hardware. We will come and meet you at any point in Queens.

Residential Locksmith Services in Queens

If you are one of Eddie and Sons Locksmith customers, chances are that you said yes! While many companies offering residential emergency locksmith services in Queens might become lax over the years as they become established, we’re still as dedicated to being the best as we were the first day we started. That’s why candidates for our residential lock and key service Queens team of master professionals all go through strict training and rigorous assessments to ensure that you’re getting the service that you deserve and can trust. Contact our home locksmith for fast help with a home lockout just about anywhere in Queens, NY. We’re experts when it comes to door locks.

Our Residential Locksmith Services Don’t Waste Time or Money

Part of what makes our Queens commercial locksmith services unique is the way that we approach business. We don’t believe a successful business is reliant on overcharging for services that weren’t necessary in the first place. We believe that a successful business is achieved by employing impeccable residential locksmith experts that know what they’re talking about. Our residential lock and key specialists Queens department will never charge you for a service that wasn’t necessary. If your lock only needs to be picked, we won’t recommend that you replace it only to charge you more. We’re here to help you, not waste your time or your money. Find out why we are rated as the best residential professionals.

Don’t Stay Locked Outside During a Home Lockout

A residential locksmith Queens tech, deals with their fair share of home lockouts, typically during hours outside of the usual 9 – 5. Our locksmith team is available around the clock in case you are locked outside. No matter the time of night or day, because we know that a home lockout is never something that anyone plans on happening. We’ll be over as soon as possible to help you install hardware if necessary, and help you get back into your home if you’re locked outside. You’ll know you are in good hands when you are using our local locksmith services. Don’t delay, call us today. We can turn any bad home lockout experience into a positive one!

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Residential Door Locks Are What We Are All About?

A Queens residential locksmith should be someone you trust with your safety and your doors. We’re proud to say that we are the kind of locksmith that you will feel good about doing business with. We know that residential door locks are more than just locks, they are what you use to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. We’ll be there to repair hardware, rekey your door locks, and help you with any other residential door locks services that you may need. Why? Because we take your safety and security just as seriously as you do. That’s our promise to you.

Residential FAQ

What sort of locks should I install for break-in repairs?

During your break-in repairs, your locksmith is going to help you to look at the specific changes that you may want to consider as a part of the process. A high-quality locksmith can work with you to help you figure out the best solutions for your home and the security concerns that you’re facing. There are many types of locks to choose from – deadbolts, cylinder locks, padlocks, security bolts, and even biometric locks that you can get for relatively affordable prices.

What can a locksmith do if a broken key caused you to get locked out of your home?

Broken keys are a more common problem than you may realize. In many cases, a key will get brittle or a lock will get stuck, and it’ll cause the key to brake off in your lock. This can make it difficult (sometimes, impossible) to use that lock, thus putting you in a situation where you need to call for help with your home lockout. Your locksmith can come in and extract the broken key, or they can completely replace the lock if needed. Either way, your locksmith will be sure to help you get back into your home quickly.

Residential Locksmith Services