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From window locks to patio doors, we mastered your locks

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens provides various services including, but not limited to: re-keying, changing entire lock cylinders and locks, installing new locks from standard or high-security hardware, fixing broken and jammed locks, opening locks for which the keys have been lost (lock picking), securing sliding glass patio doors and garage doors, window locks, removing broken keys from locks, etc…Looking for locksmith services? Look no further.

Our trained professionals can guarantee your satisfaction

Eddie and Sons Locksmith has provided the area with the best-trained locksmith with skills that are hard to find, and are considered to be the number one locksmith solutions provider in the area. The locks created by the techs employed by us are the finest and flawless. No one can just break into your house easily and steal your valued possessions and that is what is important. It is the right time to upgrade to better locks by contacting Eddie and Sons Car Locksmith Queens. Each one of our locksmiths has been expertly trained and certified by the ALOA, to ensure the highest standard of employees in our company.

Quality service at low prices

All of our professionals are skilled and do not give you a chance to complain. All you are required to do is call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens and we will help you provide the finest safe and secure locks for your house. Our services will not disappoint you and you will be glad that you contacted Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens to upgrade your locking system. A locksmith has a task of installing locks, which are unbreakable and should not be unlocked other than using the key. In addition, none other than a skilled and highly trained locksmith who knows how to design a lock like that accomplishes that job.

Your safety is important to us

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Company provide you with the best locking facility with highly trained personnel. Safety of our customer and his home are of utmost importance to us. Helping you out in emergencies and providing your home the best locking system is our expertise. We specialize in making all kinds of locks from door locks to window security locks, which safeguard your house from any kind of burglary. Our skilled professionals make sure that you can leave you home without the fear of it being broken into and being robbed.

We specialize in foolproof locking systems

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY will also not give you a chance to complain. Our customers will not be disappointed with our services. All you need to do is call us and we will be there at your service providing you with the finest of locks, which will not allow any intruder to barge into your house. Our job is not an easy one. Lot of homes safety and security are dependent on the kind of locks we build and gives its customers. Many robberies can be prevented only if you have a foolproof locking system installed at your place. Regardless of whet type of lock you want installed, .be it a Medeco or a Kwikset, our guys can handle it in the most professional manner.

Your valuables are protected by us

Eddie and Sons Locksmith are highly trained and experienced. Our services are provided at a very affordable price who can construct a locking system just appropriate for your safety and security and as well as your precious valuables in your homes. Specializing in all kinds of locks, we also construct according to the choice of the customer and specialize in Kwikset Locks etc. Your safety and security are our prime concern and Eddie and Sons Locksmith does not compromise on that and provide you with the best professionals in the city who will be highly skilled and take care of your locking system without you worrying all the time. You will not encounter any problem once you give your locking system in the hands of Eddie and Sons Locksmith. You just need to relax after you have given us your order by calling us. We will carry on from there and give you one of the best locking systems in town.

The Best Locksmith Queens NY

Our team of locksmiths is qualified to work on any type of lock for residential or automotive concerns. Our pro Locksmith Queens NY has all the locking tools and supplies. There are no limitations to our locksmith team. That is because we hire only the most qualified and certified team of locksmiths. We put together the strongest talents in order to bring them to the customer at the best convenience. A great convenience at the best price for the strongest installation. A strong service helps secure the home or vehicle for safer use. For 24/7 automotive work, call our Auto Locksmith Queens department, you will not be disappointed.

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Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens prides itself for offering impeccable service and quality products to our customers for the best value in the industry. Whatever your need may be, big or small, if you are in need of service in Queens NY for any reason, give locksmith Queens New York a call today and see for yourself the difference in professionalism and price with Eddie and Sons Locksmith! Call 347-252-6262 for a quality locksmith!

It frequently happens that car owners need to get their cars unlocked.

When a person owns and drives a car, there will always be that point in time when he forgets his keys or misplaces them. As a result, he needs the vehicle to be unlocked. Getting cars unlocked is one of the services that is being offered by Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens. The firm is only performing the service upon presentation of the proper documents which verify ownership of the vehicle. It is to ensure security and also to prevent the company from being accused of any misdemeanors. If people or institutions have questions about this type of service, they should feel free to call the company at 347-252-6262 for further details.

We Are Delivering Vehicle Keys Made 24 Hours Daily

Extra vehicle keys are usually required when you run out of available keys. It could be an urgent case. Whatever is the nature of your case, we are willing to solve it by providing vehicle keys made service. Do you need new keys at 3am in the morning? Just call us if the answer is “yes”. No more than half hour will be required in catering you. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY has a setup which makes it easy for us to provide new and copied vehicle keys anytime.