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Experience dignity with our lockout services

Locked out? Fret not. We understand that some situations can not only be pesky but also embarrassing. You can be stuck when you lock yourself out of your car which could even happen in the middle of the night, or simply cannot access your home. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY, we offer lockout services on a 24/7 basis. We are always ready to get you out of any scenario that involves being locked out. We are professionally trained and experienced. We strive to give affordable, fast and convenient solutions to problems. Contact us today for more information.

Why you need a master key system

Is a master key system a necessity for anyone? Perhaps this is the kind of question you might have been asking yourself. However, to answer you, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY recommends it to anyone who has several locks to open. This is simply because carrying with you a bunch of keys for different locks might not only be tiring but also expensive just in case the keys get lost. If you are therefore the kind of person who like the convenience brought about by using just one key to open different locks, this is a must have.

We solve every riddle concerning padlocks

Do you want to replace your padlock? Has your key broken inside the padlock? Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY has the best quality padlocks available in the American market. Therefore, if you want your padlock changed, you can contact us today as we sell the best at a reasonable price. Moreover, if you have locked yourself out due to broken keys, we can handle any padlock even the modern sophisticated ones. In addition to that, we forge ahead to provide our clients with other services such as consultation on the right security strategies to employ.

Save the day with a radio-dispatched alarm

Safety is the most important thing to your family and business. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens NY, we can install radio-dispatched alarms at your home and business premises to enhance your security. This is a very crucial security element as it is directly channeled to your local police station by the transmission of pre-recorded message. As a matter of fact, burglars and home intruders are kept off by the sight of the alarm in your home or business. The high-decibel siren is loud enough to be heard by the whole neighborhood which saves you from possible danger. Contact us today so that we can send our team of experienced locksmiths to install it at your place. Our numbers are 347-252-6262.

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