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Our car locksmith Queens shop is here to help you at all times. With immediate response and quick service from certified and trained professionals, we at Eddie and Sons Locksmith are the one company that you have been looking for. Eddie and Sons car locksmith in Queens specializes in all automotive related locks or key troubles. With over a decade in business in Queens, you can rest assured that great service awaits you when our automotive locksmith Queens specialists arrive in their fully loaded van. 20-minute response time is one of our biggest draws, as well as our locksmiths honest, reliable, and dependable service. Contact us for car lockouts or to copy vehicle keys.

Car Locksmith Service in Queens

We know that it can be hard to find a car locksmith service in Queens that is a jack of all trades when it comes to the different aspects of car locksmith services in Queens. Luckily, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens, NY, have the solution to that problem. Our technicians have the training and are equipped with the latest technology so that they can easily reprogram any transponder key, help you acquire replacement car keys or make an ignition key. Not only do we have an expert key maker, but our locksmith can also help you during lockouts. We are fully mobile with 24/7 rapid emergency response service

Transponder Key Service from Our Key Maker

Get your transponder key from our car locksmith service in Queens instead of waiting at the dealership. Our Queens, NY auto locksmith provides expert key maker service that can make transponder keys no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, and for a price that’s much less than a dealership. We can even make a new key fob. Call now – we are always open. So you lost your car keys, now what? Don’t fret, there is an easy way to get replacement car keys. All you need to do is contact us. Our experienced auto locksmith Queens key maker is standing by waiting for your call and we’ll be able to help you replace your keys in no time.

Get Replacement Car Keys Easily

We offer a variety of services when it comes to your vehicle, but one of the most popular by far is the replacement automobile keys service. It’s common to accidentally misplace your keys, so don’t worry about it and get replacement car keys from us! Our Queens locksmith near me can copy vehicle keys quickly for your convenience.

Losing Your Ignition Key Could Ruin Your Day

We want to prevent that from happening, that’s why we have trained technicians who can respond within 20 minutes to your call. Is your ignition key not working? Our highly trained experts can fix the problem and have your ignition key working again before you know it. Contact our auto locksmith Queens pros for quick and convenient ignition key service.

Automotive FAQ

What are the three types of ignition systems?

Did you know that your vehicle could use one of three different ignition systems to help you start the car? It is true and each type has its own pros & cons of use that you’ll probably learn along the way. The three ignition systems are the distributor-based system, the distributorless system, and the coil-on-plug, or COP, system. Call a locksmith if you need help identifying the type of ignition used in your car, if you need a new ignition key, when you need repairs, or even a replacement ignition switch and this expert will take care of your needs quickly and at an affordable price.

What are the components used inside of a vehicle ignition?

A vehicle ignition is needed to start the car. It uses an ignition key to start the vehicle and depends on power from the battery to efficiently operate. The ignition is composed of numerous components that are all needed to ensure that the vehicle runs as it should. Any of these components can wear out or need to be replaced at any time. A good auto locksmith can help with many of these components if trouble arises. Components inside of the ignition system include the spark plugs, spark plug wires, the coil, ignition module, rotor, the distributor and distributor cap.

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