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Transponder keys are always questioned. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we handle all transponder keys concerns. To ensure more safety and protection, you need to get one for yourself. With our reputation, Eddie and Sons Locksmith delivers the best transponder keys.


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As part of anti-theft security measures, most of the cars manufactured in the last 20 years have transponder keys. These keys are used for homes, cars, gates, etc. From time to time, these keys may need servicing for one reason or another. Eddie and Sons Locksmith provide commercial, residential, auto, and emergency locksmith services. These are designed to ensure your transponder keys are always in perfect condition. You can enjoy our emergency services all day and night long. When you have an emergency, and no help is forthcoming, we are here for you. Our commercial, residential, and auto locksmith can take care of all your locksmith needs for your business, house, or car. We can help you with transponder key replacement or transponder key cutting. Also, we can help you work on your transponder key chip. Reach out to us now.

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Transponder Key Programming - Maximum Security For Your Car

Transponder keys provide a higher level of security for vehicles in various ways. They help to deter and prevent car theft. If the key’s microchip or the exact serial number isn’t detected, the car won’t start. To guarantee such security for your car, you need accurate transponder key programming. Any vehicle manufactured with a transponder key will not function in the absence of the key. Hence, you need transponder key programming to enjoy the protection and comfort your car remotes can offer you. Reach out to us as quickly as possible.


Transponder Key Replacement - Professional Locksmith Queens At Your Service

Once it has been programmed, only a transponder key can start your car. They are used to electronically sync to your engine. Lost or disabled transponder keys can be replaced in just a few minutes. This can be done by reprogramming it. A transponder key replacement can be handled by professional locksmith Queens like us. Our locksmiths are very highly trained and equipped with the best tools. With modern technology, we can assist you with a seamless transponder key replacement. You can always reach out to us for professional assistance at all times.

Transponder Key Cutting - Experienced Auto Locksmiths at Your Service

The chances are high that your car has a transponder key that starts it. This is because most modern cars are manufactured with transponder keys. When these keys are faulty, you could have a problem starting your car. At this point, you may need a key replacement, a new car remote transponder key cutting, etc. We are experienced and have handled a lot of transponder key issues. Our specialists can help you with quality transponder key cutting.

Transponder Key Chip - Swift Service Delivery

Transponder keys utilize chips to transmit a low-level signal from a key read by a remote receiver. The transponder key chip, programmed by the manufacturer, has a unique serial number. The receiver must detect the correct serial number in order to open the doors. A transponder key, which is similar to a key fob, is often used with cars, locks, and home security systems. They are also used to open gates and doors. You need the perfect transponder key chip for your keys. We can help you get the best there is. Call us now.

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We can help you resolve all your transponder key issues. Our services are pocket-friendly and of the best quality. We are always already available to offer you our professional assistance at any time of the day or night. Reach out to us as quickly as possible.


Definitely, a professional auto locksmith can help you fix any transponder keys issue you may have. If you reach out to us, we will provide you with the best technicians to assist you in the most professional manner. Our services are designed for your utmost satisfaction. Reach out to us and let our auto locksmith experts handle your transponder key needs.

If you are in Queens, NY, and in need of a top locksmith to help you with transponder key programming, search no more. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is the best locksmith company to handle all transponder keys concerns. With our tools and equipment, we are always ready and available to attend to you at any time convenient to you. Reach out to us as quickly as possible.

Quality transponder key replacement is usually not so easy to find. A substandard transponder key is used as a replacement key in most cases. This makes it seem a little less expensive. However, you can have your replacement transponder keys at very affordable rates and superior quality with us. Our service quality is by no means put in jeopardy. We maintain standard high-quality services at pocket-friendly rates. You can reach out to us today to have your transponder key replaced.

Need a transponder key cutting specialist in Queen’s, NY? Search no more. We are here for you. We are a professional locksmith company and can assist you with all your transponder keys needs. Installation and repairs are handled by our team of experts as we are ever determined to provide you premium locksmith services.

If your car uses transponder keys just as most modern cars, the chances are that the transponder key chip could get faulty as time wears on. We can help you with that. All you need to do is contact us. Our technicians are always ready to attend to you.

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