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What is a car without an ignition? Nothing more than an empty vessel. Keeping your ignition in good shape is a priority. That’s what we do at Eddie and Sons Locksmith – keeping your car perfect. Call us for your perfect ignition services.

Ignition Services - Best Locksmith Services Available To You

It’s beautiful to have your car running smoothly without any problems. However, you will agree that this is not always the case. New and used cars can sometimes disappoint you by failing to ignite or start. This can be caused by some ignition problems such as a key stuck in ignition or a broken key in ignition, etc.


When this happens, your keys won’t turn, your dashboard lights flicker, and your car won’t start. Eddie and Sons Locksmith can provide remedies for you in any of these situations. We provide numerous quality services, which include commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services.


If you have ignition problems, we can help you install new ignition. Also, we assist you with an ignition key replacement. These services are available to you all day and night long. Thanks to our 24/7 locksmith services. Call us now.

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Key Stuck in Ignition - Premium Auto Locksmith Services

In a combustion chamber, the ignition system generates an electric spark. When this is done precisely at the right moment, the mixture of petrol and air will ignite. If this system does not flow seamlessly, then there must be a problem along the line.


One of such problems could be a key stuck in ignition. This means that your car cannot start as the ignition is held up by the stuck key. You need the professional services of an auto locksmith like us if you have a key stuck in ignition.

Broken Key in Ignition - Give Your Car The Best Services

Another problem that won’t let your car start has a broken key in ignition. Your keys may be worn out, or you may simply have an ignition switch fault. This renders your ignition and car unusable until you can get the broken piece out.

You may need a new key or a replacement ignition. It’s important that you pay great attention to this part of your car. Your car deserves that, at the least. Contact a professional auto locksmith to help you rectify your broken key in ignition problem.

Install New Ignition - Available To You All Day Long

Ignitions come in different shapes, sizes, and types. They could be a conventional breaker-point ignition, an electronic ignition with high power, a distributor-less ignition (waste spark) and a coil on plug ignition are among the types of ignition systems. Any of these ignitions could develop endless faults due to wear and tear.


When this happens, you need to install new ignition to make sure your car keeps running smoothly. A worn ignition switch can cause the ignition switch to fail, preventing your car from starting. That’s why we’re here to assist you to install new ignition. We’re available to you all day and night long.


Ignition Key Replacement - Professional Locksmiths At Your Service

Having identified the specific problem your ignition may be having, you should move for an ignition key replacement. It offers you a chance to start all over again. You can enjoy your car as it was when you first bought it. Key programming may be needed or not.

Whatever the case may be, Eddie and Sons Locksmith is always ready to attend to you. Our professional locksmiths are at your service at all times. We are highly trained and fully equipped, awaiting your call. Call us for an ignition key replacement.

We are always here to offer professional advice and specialist assistance to you for all your ignition concerns. Our team of expert locksmith Queens is enthusiastic about the prospect of assisting you. We will ensure your ignition problems will quickly become a thing of the past.


To be honest, you can. But the greater truth is that you stand a chance of completely ruining your ignition if you are not an expert. This could cause terminal damage to your car ignition, and the car as a whole. When you notice an anomaly with your car ignition, what you need to do is reach out to a professional locksmith like us. Our company is always ready to offer you quality, professional services. You will have your ignition fixed in the most professional manner.

Having your key stuck in ignition prevents your car from starting. This is not a pleasant situation to be in. To alleviate your worries, our auto locksmiths are always at your service. We can help you remove your stuck key. Additionally, we can replace your keys for you in no time at all. Endeavor to reach out to us and have your keys and ignition worked on quickly.

If you have a broken key in ignition, it prevents you from inserting another key in ignition. Therefore, you need to remove the broken piece. To do this, you need to contact the best locksmith in town, Eddie and Sons Locksmith, for professional assistance. We are ready to help at all times.

If your keys don’t turn, you need to know exactly why. If the problem is related to your ignition, you should install new ignition.

Your local locksmith can issue you grant your ignition key replacement request. But be sure you are asking the best local locksmith.

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