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Delivering Keys Copied At Your Place

You won’t be able to find another locksmith who delivers the keys copied at your doorstep. It’s only possible if you read about Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens New York. We are considered as a benchmark by the new entrants in locksmith industry. Our management has set high standards when it comes to service delivery and performance. Keys can be copied inside the radio dispatched van. You would have to wait for only 10 minutes before grabbing the newly copied keys. We can do it outside your house. You have the liberty to mention desired security requirements.

Getting The External Door Locks Rekeyed

People often lose their house keys. Hundreds of reasons are possible for the particular event to take place. Getting panicked is not what wise people would do in such a situation. Calling us could be the end of your worries. It becomes a must to rekey external door locks when you can’t find the house keys. Read about Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens, NY New York which provides locks rekeyed service for moderate charges. An hour would be enough to rekey 5 locks. Discuss in detail about the issue you are facing. We can be contacted at 347-252-6262.

Selecting From Hundreds Of Vehicle Locks

Our management believes in providing the complete solution to customers. We don’t want our dearest customers to make a decision from a limited number of options. When it comes to vehicle locks, we are able to present more than hundred options for you. Read about Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens New York which doesn’t leave you alone with the selection process. Our staffs will assist you in purchasing most suitable lock for your security requirements and vehicle type. Please co-operate with our staff so that we can present shortlisted locks. Lastly, you will be amazed to see the prices. We are the Wal-Mart of locksmith industry as we charge minimum for the finest products and services.

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