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We Install Master Key Systems At Weekends As Well

Locksmiths usually work 5 days a week. We are changing the concept by being available for 7 days a week for our valuable customers. Why have we taken the initiative? The basic reason is customers’ convenience. It is not difficult to find time for household chores at the weekend. Install master key systems service is highly recommended to every family. The person staying at home is responsible for all the work at home. A master key system can make the tasks easier. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY always plans for your betterment.

Try Our Keys Copied Service

Normally, you would have to take the keys at locksmith’s outlet in order to get them copied. However, when you hire our services we will come at your doorstep to copy the keys. Our vans possess all the equipment that the staff might need during job performance. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens New York leads the way to innovation within the locksmith industry. We don’t ask you to trust us right away. Give us a chance by hiring our keys copied service whenever you fall short of house, safe or car keys. 347-252-6262 is the contact number where you can hire our service.

No guesswork, we know how to have keys copied If you have ever lost or misplaced your keys, then you definitely know how frustrating this can be. At Eddie and Sons Reliable Queens Locksmith, we can help you have your keys copied at unbeatable market rates. Whether you want to get a spare set of keys or a replacement of lost keys, we can help you in this regard. In less than 20 minutes of receiving your service request call, one of our locksmiths will be at your service. Our locksmiths are certified and insured and thus if anything happens while at your home or place of work, you will not have to pay any extra fees.

Have your locks rekeyed after break-ins

After break-ins, it is possible that the burglars might go with your door or gate keys so that in the near future they may use the same keys to gain access to your properties. It is thus advisable that once break-ins occur you have your locks rekeyed such that if the burglars went with the keys, it will be impossible for them to use them again to access your premises. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens, we have lock and key experts who can help rekey your locks and make it hard for lost keys to open your locks again.

Enhance you building security with master key system

If you are into real estate business or even property management, it might be good to have in place a security system that will help you reduce the chances of accidental access to your property by someone with a fake key. Having a master key system in place can help in this regard. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens, we have locksmiths who have specialized in installation of such systems. Our professionals are highly trained and operate within our company’s code of ethics which helps them to act in accordance with the set security standards.

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