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There are various locks that can be used depending on individual choices, types of doors, and levels of security. However, whatever the entries you want to lock, you need the best locks to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

When you arrive at a shop, it is easy to get confused because there are locks of various designs, manufacturers, sizes, shapes, and varying capacities. That’s where we at Eddie and Sons Locksmith come in; we help secure the best options for your home, businesses, and industries. A guide describing what kind of lock to choose is present at our physical shop and online on our website. After all, the lock on the front gate would be different from the doors and the dog house.

Different Types of Locks Include:

  • Doorknob locks: these knobs are better installed with other locks to improve security. It is used in interior doors.
  • Deadbolts: This is very common, primarily used on homes’ front doors and external doors. It comes in either a single cylinder or double cylinder form. The former is the most common, and it is easily manipulated. The best option is to go with a combination of both single-and double-cylinder forms.
  • Mortise locks are mostly attached to glass doors and apartment doors. They are mounted inside the door.
  • Level 1 handle locks: commercial spaces often make use of these locks. It is rare to have it installed in homes.
  • Cam locks: basically, for mailboxes, drawers, and filing cabinets.
  • Padlocks are the most prevalent and most recognizable locks. They are temporary locks that a person can use to secure the doors. It could be in two forms: combination or keyed locks. It comes with extra keys. Locks that are very affordable. However, they are easy to manipulate.
  • Smart locks: these are magnetic locks and locks with combinations used in safes and vaults.

Knowing the different types of locks helps you make informed decisions. Two types of locks can be used depending on the level of security or insecurity in the area. At unlock house door Queens, NY, we continuously hire more locksmiths based on their abilities and experience levels so as not to leave our customers stranded.

There are many more types, but these are the major ones available.

What To Do Unlock House Door When Your It is Faulty?

First and foremost, call Eddie and Sons Residential Locksmith in Queens, NY. They have been tested and trusted. Based on reviews of other customers on the website, there is nothing worse than realizing that there is no way into the house. Although you might think that watching a video on how to unlock house door Queens, NY does not work that way. Instead, you would need the professional help of a locksmith.

A licensed and certified locksmith has the capacity and tools to unlock house door Queens, NY even with a variety of locks. Do not try to pick the locks or break the glass if you are trapped behind a lock, which would cause more harm than good.

How Does an Unlock House Door Locksmith Get Past The Bad Lock?

This question has posed challenges in the past. However, the locksmith is well trained to manipulate locks. With the changing technology of locks, the locksmith carefully detects the type of lock.

  • He would try to control the lock, study its mechanisms and mode of action.
  • To prevent damage, he attempts to manipulate the locks with his tools.
  • He either changes the locks or returns the key, which might be risky.

About Us

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens, NY, we are a family of locksmiths that are affordable and reliable. We run a 24/7 round-the-clock business with shifts to ensure our workers are well-rested.

Unlock house door Queens, NY has been a way to connect with offline clients. Moreover, our locksmiths are very passionate about what they do, giving them an upper hand. Our job includes installing the smart, automated system; installing new doorknob locks; changing locks; cutting keys, etc.

If you are ever in town and need help to unlock house door Queens, NY locksmith, they are ubiquitous and most recognizable as the experts and closest to proximity. We run emergency services.


The advantages of working with us are that you are insured, guaranteed quality products, and time-conscious locksmiths. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and trained for the job, above all, peace of mind, which is what insecurities rob you of when your door locks are bad. To contact us, you need the name of our business, which is Eddie and Sons Locksmith, Queens, NY. It would be best if you also had the time of operation and phone numbers. The website provides all the required information for unlock house door Queens, NY service.

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