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We Carry Padlocks for All Security Needs

A padlock can be useful for locking up a bike, securing a shed or keeping your possessions safe at locations away from the home. When you need padlocks, you look for a quality brand that provides security and long-term protection. You don’t want one that will break easily or wear out quickly. The products we sell at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Install Deadbolt Services are high-quality and very reliable, providing you the security you need that your possessions will be where you left them when you return. Come visit to look at our selection of padlocks and find the right one for your needs.


We Remove Broken Keys For You

Everyone has had it happen. You knew the key was wearing out, but you didn’t have time to run anywhere to have a new one made. Suddenly, it is broken in the lock and you don’t know where to turn. That is when you call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Install Deadbolt Services, because we remove broken keys and broken deadbolt for you. Our service is quick and efficient, with no damage done to the lock. The key may be a lost cause, but you don’t need to be stranded or permanently locked out. Just give us a call and get your day back on track with ease and satisfaction of a job well done.

Vehicle Keys Made While You Wait

Getting a new key made can be expensive, especially if it involves running to the dealer and making sure you get there during their business hours. That is why Eddie and Sons Locksmith Install Deadbolt Services offers the service of vehicle keys made right here at our store. That way, you don’t have to try to fit in a trip to the dealer and the hassle of discussing why you need a new key and why you don’t need a whole new car. We do business the way you want us to – straight to the point. Your key is made quickly, and you can be on your way.

Your Safety is Why We Work Weekends

Would you want your child or wife stranded on a Saturday or Sunday when someone accidentally leaves the keys in the car? What about when you come out of a sporting event and realize you locked the car, but your keys are still hanging from the steering column? These things happen, and they don’t wait for a weekday. That is why we are here at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Install Deadbolt Services. We work weekends to make sure you are not stranded, and neither is your wife or one of your children when an accident happens. Keep our number, 347-252-6262, handy so you can call when you need us – even on the weekends.

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