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Broken Key Extraction

After a long day and lots of problems, you just want to go home. The last thing you need is another issue, but the worst is yet to come. You go to turn the key in the lock of your car – and it breaks off. Don’t panic. The locksmiths at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fix / Repair Locks have seen plenty of these cases, and we pride ourselves on our talent at broken key extraction. We can be there quickly and get the job done right. We will have you on your way home to a relaxing evening in no time, so call us now for that helping hand you need.


Digital Door Locks Can Keep Your Family Safe

Having kids is a great blessing in life, but being worried because your teenagers are home alone between school and the end of your work day, and they tend to forget to lock the door once they get inside, is just part of that blessing (the not so great part). Consider installing digital door locks to give you some peace of mind. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fix / Repair Locks, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe. We will install the door locks and help you find the right app to control those from your phone. So you can check on your security from work and lock those doors if need be.

Ignition Switch Keys Made Right

Buying a secondhand car sometimes means you don’t get two keys. If you are in a big family and need extra keys, the staff at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fix / Repair Locks can help. We make ignition keys for any make and model, ensuring you the ability to get an extra key for each family car at the same time if you need to. This is true no matter what dealers the cars originally came from. There are also other reasons you might need a new key, and no matter what the reason, we are available to help you get new keys, new doorknob that fit your car and get you back on the road.

Locks Rekeyed for Your Peace of Mind

Picture This: you return to your gym locker after a workout and your locker is open and your key ring is gone. That means your car keys, your home keys, even your work keys – everything is gone. Luckily, your car is still in the parking lot and your spouse can bring you the extra set of keys. But they also took your wallet, so they know where you live and have a key to get in. Call the experienced staff at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fix / Repair Locks today, and let us come provide peace of mind as you have those locks rekeyed. The number is 347-252-6262.

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