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Eddie and Sons Locksmith Peekskill NY has the best broken key extraction

We try to make our keys last, but sometimes they break despite our best efforts. That moment when your key snaps in half and part of it is still stuck in the lock is an awful one! There is no need to panic when Eddie and Sons Locksmith Peekskill NY is on your side. Call us and we will send a technician to the scene right away for broken key extraction. We will get your broken key out of the lock without damaging the lock cylinder so your lock remains functional. Don’t break your lock struggling with a broken key by yourself, just call us!

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Peekskill NY can unlock digital door locks

Nothing is worse than getting locked out of your vehicle. A bad situation can become worse when your vehicle has digital locks. Many locksmiths can’t open cars with digital door locks, but Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Peekskill NY is prepared! When you call 347-252-6262 you will connect with a qualified locksmith ready to unlock any kind of car door. Don’t call the wrong locksmith and waste your time with unqualified service providers. Call us and experience satisfaction, we have the skills necessary to get you back in your car no matter what kind of digital lock you have.

Peekskill NY locksmith makes and duplicates ignition switch keys

You need a replacement or duplicate key for your car, and Eddie and Sons Locksmith Peekskill NY is ready to help. Whatever kind of vehicle you may have, we are prepared to make ignition switch keys to start your car and get you going. Ignition keys are different from regular door keys, and can’t be made just anywhere. Most hardware stores and standard key copy stations are not prepared to make a proper ignition key. Come to our central location today and get a key made for the right price that is sure to work when you need to start your engine.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith guarantees quality Locks rekeyed

Losing your keys or moving into a new home can raise a lot of questions about the security of your locks. The smart thing to do is make sure any old keys floating around will no longer open your locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Peekskill NY guarantees quality when you get your Locks rekeyed with us. Save money by keeping your old locks and changing the cylinders. You don’t need to change the entire lock when you rekey instead. Rekeying makes old keys obsolete, so you can be sure that you are the only one who can open your locks!