Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Hicksville NY



24/7 Emergency Service Is Formulated & Delivered In A Special Way

Before introducing 24/7 emergency service, it took us 6 months while planning and formulating different aspects of service delivery. After completing this phase, it took us 2 months to train employees on how to deliver the particular service. Utilizing 8 months helped us satisfy the customers when they hired 24/7 emergency service. Eddie and Sons Hicksville Locksmith NY understands the delicate nature of an emergency situation. Our staffs are ready to cater you all the time. We will get going after receiving the phone call from your side.

Time Depends On The Type Of Broken Key Extraction Task

Sometimes it gets difficult for us to cope with customers. A broken key situation often delays the plans of customers. Due to this, they expect our staff to remove the key in no more than 5 minutes. Broken key extraction task could take up to an hour. The task is usually simple but it can become complex at times. Time consumption entirely depends on the way key is stuck inside the lock. Eddie and Sons auto Locksmith in Hicksville NY suggests customers to understand that technicians cannot always solve an issue instantly. Dial 347-252-6262 for gaining more details from Eddie and Sons locksmith Hicksville, NY.

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