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So many home, office, and car owners have gotten into trouble because they choose the wrong team to help them work on their locks. Lock and key issues are typical to a home, office, or even car setting and you must take them seriously. Part of taking it seriously is by hiring the best hands that can help you secure your home, office, and car with the best locks. When you install a quality lock, the probability of getting rubbed reduces and you can have peace of mind. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we are known for helping people secure their homes and commercial apartments by installing great locks. We offer lock installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Locksmith Hicksville, NY also offers key services such as key duplication, key cutting, and so on. If you want your locks repaired in Queens, NY, you can call on us Hicksville expert.

Hicksville Locksmith - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY

24/7 Emergency Locksmith – We Will Attend To You Always

Emergencies are typical of our day-to-day dealings as humans. You can forget your credit card at home, misplace your phone, forget your head tie at a friend’s house, and so on. When it comes to lock and key issues, it’s not as simple as that and it’s frustrating. Locking your keys in your car when you are supposed to be on the road. Misplacing your home key and now you are locked out. Your office key got hooked in the ignition and now everyone is outside instead of the inside for the day’s work. Frustration but it does not have to be. Syosset locksmith is available round the clock in Queens, NY to get you out of your troubles. Hicksville experts offer car lockout, emergency lock repair, and replacement, commercial and residential lockout solutions, key extraction from the lock, etc.

Residential Locksmith Service – We Understand Your Worries

Whenever you call on us, we understand that what you need is a great service without flaws and that’s why we will give you just that. We are the top guys when you need a professional for your home’s lock and key. Hicksville locksmith services are reliable, affordable, and professional. We have teams of certified servicemen who are interested in handling all your lock and key issues without hassle. If you have been using your home lock for some time now, it’s time to get an upgrade. So, we can help you with it. Our residential locksmith services include Hicksville locksmith service, access control system installation and repair, and so on. Eddie and Sons Locksmith also offer key duplication service for your home, home lock rekey, patio door lock installation and repair, etc.

Key Cutting Service – The Best

Have you lost your home, office, or car key and you don’t have any spares? Our commercial locksmith has the experience to get you a new key. We will help you cut a new set of keys from the cut code; and within a short time, your key should be ready. If you need a new key for your car, our locksmith has different car keys and transponder keys and we will help you program it to your car. We will come to your location to cut you a new key for any make and model of car. If your home key got jammed in the ignition, we will help you retrieve the key and cut you a new key on the spot. Hicksville locksmith has different types of keys such as digital keys, master keys, house keys, office keys, and so on.

Car Key Extraction – Quick And Clean

When your key got jammed in the lock or ignition, the first thing that comes to your mind is to force the key out by yourself. Why this may seem like a good idea to you, it’s not. If you try to get the key out by yourself, you will either sustain an injury, damage the key or the lock or do it all at the same time. To avoid situations like this, Hicksville locksmith offers car key extraction from the ignition. Getting the key out safely requires special tools and skills which you may not possess; that’s why you need an expert.

Key Duplication Service – Saving You From Trouble

Do you know the essence of a set of duplicate keys? It saves you from trouble. You would ask how, when you have a set of spare keys for your car, house, or office when you misplace one copy, you can always pick another. This will save you from a lot of lockout situations than you can imagine. Our locksmith offers affordable, quality, and quick key duplication for cars, offices, and houses. Hicksville locksmith has helped several clients with this service; we can help you with it too once you contact us.

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