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Nothing is more frustrating and devastating than losing your belongings to theft or burglary. Especially when you have refused to invest in quality locks even after you have been advised to do so. This means you lost your belongings even though you know how to prevent that. Do you want that to happen again? We guess no, and your first step should be to reach out to us. When you just experience a burglary, your home or office should be secured with the best locks and you need a professional to help you with that. A Westbury locksmith has every skill to help you install, repair, replace and maintain your home locks. Just give us a call and let’s find a solution.

Westbury Locksmith - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY

Mailbox And Filing Cabinet Locks – Keeps Your Files Safe

As a businessperson, your office paperwork, and mail must be kept neatly and secure always. If you have noticed that your mailbox locks are not functioning the way they should, it’s time to contact a locksmith Westbury, NY. If you don’t, you are putting your company at great risk of losing all its paperwork. Also, every document that you have kept inside the filing cabinet must be secured too. If your filing cabinet lock is not working at the best level, it’s time to invite our expert at Eddie and Sons Locksmith. Our professional experts are experts in repairing damaged mailboxes and filing cabinet locks. We have rendered this service to several clients in Queens, NY and we are looking forward to helping you too.

Emergency Lockout Solution – Fast Response, Great Service

Do you need a Westbury Locksmith that will attend to you quickly during an emergency? Expert Locksmith in Westbury, NY has every lockout solution that you need. Emergencies happen and most times they need urgent attention. Emergencies like a lock or key issues require quick and effective attention before intruders and thieves take advantage. Our professionals are known for showing up quickly during emergencies and we never disappoint. We will come to your location with every necessary tool so that we won’t just come there and just inspect. When we are done with the inspection, the Westbury locksmith will help you fix the issues and get you back into your car, office, or home as soon as possible.

Key Fob Replacement Service – The Best For Your Car

If you are using a modern car, you will know what a key fob is. A key fob is an electronic key that you use to get access to your car. This kind of key offers convenience, unlike the traditional key where you will have to insert your key into the lock. For instance, during extremely cold weather, it becomes very difficult to open your lock with a traditional key because the weather has iced the lock. However, with key fobs, you won’t experience anything like such. If your hands are full, it becomes very easy to lock or unlock your doors. People misplace key fobs too and when a situation like this arises, you need a Westbury locksmith to help you with it. A Roslyn locksmith at Eddie and Sons locksmith knows the kind of key fob that you need.

Mobile Locksmith – Better And Quality

In most cases, when one thing goes wrong, it always feels like everything that day has been designed to work against us. Frustration sets in and we begin to over-analyze. When you need help with your lock and it looks like everything has begun to frustrate you, Westbury locksmith has the best mobile locksmith service in town. If you lock your key in the car, your house, or your office and you can’t get in, you don’t need to worry, just put a call through and we will be there. Our professionals are always ready to drive down to your location and sort everything out. With our mobile locksmith service, you won’t need to move an inch as we will come and meet you wherever you are. You can count on us.

Safe Lock Opening – Quick And Effective Service

The essence of owning a safe in your home or office is to be able to keep your valuables and get access to them whenever you need them. But in the case when you need to get something from your safe and you are unable to open it. Probably the lock is damaged or you have misplaced the keys, or you have forgotten the code. Contact us for effective and quick safe lock opening. We respond very fast and our services are always quality. Get in touch now.

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