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Eddie and Sons Locksmith Is Providing Transponder Key Cutting Service

We consider it equally important to provide security related services for every asset type such as business site, vehicle, safes, house, etc. Out of all, the most stolen asset is vehicle. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens is offering a number of security services for vehicles. The recommendation from our side is to get a transponder key to protect your car. Within an hour, our technicians can perform the task of transponder key cutting and hand it over to you. For hiring us, you have to make a phone call at our helpline number.


Only Professionals Can Do Transponder Key Cutting Properly

Key cutting is not an easy task by any means. It takes plenty of effort, skill and experience to do correctly. Transponder key is ideal for vehicle security concerns. It takes extra focus and effort to do transponder key cutting. The key must be 100% similar to original one. After transponder key cutting is done, the next step is to register it with vehicle’s ECU. In this way, your car becomes fully secure. The vehicle will not ignite under any conditions except using particular transponder key. Let professionals like us handle this task for you.

New Locks Installation Is Being Provided At Discount By Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens

We offer promotional discounts 4 times a year on various services. If you need to get locks installed then you’re lucky as we have introduced discount on new locks installation service. The discount can be availed for all kinds of locks to be installed such as deadbolts, electromagnetic locks, handle locks, lever locks, etc. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens has a habit of delivering extra benefits to customers. It is the way we have operated in last 20 years. Let our technicians help you when it comes to security concerns.

Transponder Key Cutting Requires Plenty Of Skill And Experience

We manufacture transponder keys on daily basis. It is not a new thing for our employees. Other keys are a tool to ignite the vehicle whereas transponder key is used primarily for security purposes. Unlike other keys, a transponder key has to be manufactured with absolute focus and determination. We provide training to our employees on transponder key cutting. With the passage of time, our technicians have become expert in performing particular task. Just allow us half hour of time frame to provide the desired solution. We aim to impress you.

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