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Has your home, office, or car been broken into several times and you don’t want that to happen again? Eddie and Sons Locksmith has a solution for you and you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Burglary is mostly caused by weak and ill-installed lock systems, to get a lock installed properly In the right place, you need an expert and that’s why locksmith Huntington, NY is here. Our professionals are experts in anything lock and key for homes, offices, and cars. Whether you need a quality lock installation, lock repair, or replacement, we are the one for the job. Huntington locksmith also offers key services such as key duplication, key cutting, and lock rekey. No lock issue is too complicated for us and we are reliable.

Huntington Locksmith - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY

Door Knob And Deadbolt Installation – For Your Entrance Door

The combination of doorknobs and deadbolt locks is common at the entrance of many homes. These two kinds of locks help you control access into your apartment and they improve security significantly. If you are looking to install a doorknob or deadbolt lock on your door at home or in the office, you need an expert to help you with it, Baldwin Locksmith is your best choice and they are available 24/7. The installation of this kind of lock is not something you can do on your own, in case you are having the thought. Contact our professionals and we will be there immediately. Locksmith Huntington NY expert will come around with every necessary tool to install the doorknobs and deadbolt locks.

Ignition Repair – Effortless

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we provide quality ignition repair for all makes and models of cars and motorcycles. We will, first of all, help you diagnose the issue by Inserting the key inside the ignition to see how it performs. We will put the key in a different position such as the OFF or LOCK position, the accessory or ACC position, the ON position, and the cracking of START position. If we notice that your dashboard did not light up the key is in the ON position, the ignition needs a repair. It means your ignition has an electronic issue. Also, if your ignition is heating up excessively, it’s an indication that it needs repair. Locksmith in Huntington NY is the top team in ignition repair and you would be glad you chose us. We also offer ignition installation and replacement too, you can count on Huntington locksmith.

Access Control System – Get Ease

Most businesses, large factories, and residential apartments now make use of access control because of its security and convenience. One of the benefits of using access control is that you can restrict or authorize access into certain areas in your home or business apartment without stressing too much. This will make your supplies, customer data, and clients secure and protected. Locksmith in Huntington, NY helps businesses and residential apartments to install, improve and maintain access control systems. If you are thinking of getting access control for your home or office, Huntington locksmith offers a free consultation, so that we can indulge you on how access control can give your home and business the kind of security it needs. Access control system helps you record the data about who came and left the apartment.

Emergency Lockout – Best Solutions

There is never a good time to get locked out and the experience is never palatable. However, lockouts are common and we can’t completely avoid them. What we can do Is get everything under control without stress. No one wants to be locked out intentionally, lockout is caused by various reasons such as; losing your keys, your keys got stolen, your key is bent, the lock is not turning up or the key is unable to turn the lock. Whichever the reason is, Huntington Locksmith can help you sort everything out and get you back into your house. Huntington locksmith show up quickly and we come around with the best equipment to aid the process.

Key Cutting Service – Always At Your Service

One of our services that people sort after most in Queens, NY is the key cutting service. When you hire us, you will never have to worry about keys again. We make keys from the best materials, we duplicate keys too. Also, if you need a special key that requires great equipment and tools, we are the one for the job. Huntington locksmith has the best and the most professional servicemen to help you cut the best keys for your home, offices, and cars. With more than a decade of experience, we are known for providing fast, trustworthy, and reliable locksmith service.

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