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Magnetic Locks Are Different In Terms Of Functioning and Mechanism

Do you know the basic purpose of installing magnetic locks? These locks are designed for extra protection purposes. Magnetic locks can be commonly seen at commercial sites. Functioning of these locks is slightly different from other devices. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour fast Locksmith service is selling 10 brands of magnetic locks at different prices. We can bring a number of suitable locks at your doorstep after you mention the security needs. Installation services are provided for free with the purchase of any                                                                                                 security device. For any complains or feedback, contact us at our 24/7 available helpline.

Grab New Locks Installation Service For Discount Charges

The latest promotion is all about providing new locks installation service for 50% discount. Get in touch with us before the promotion runs out. The particular promotion is not to gain competitive advantage in the market. It is our way of reaching out to customers by giving away extra benefits with the services and products. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Auto Locksmith Queens is able to offer all kinds of lock devices for the customers. Just name the lock and we will present it in front of you. We will make sure that you never regret the decision of hiring us. 347-252-6262 is where you can reach us.

Getting Peephole Installation Done

Have you been thinking about peephole installation but not able to do it? We understand that you have a busy lifestyle which makes it difficult to take care of such tasks. This is how we suggest you to do it. There is no better time than morning hours for such tasks. Just open the door and let our professionals do their job while you get ready for work and have breakfast. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Auto Locksmith Queens requires only 10 precious minutes of your time for the installation task. With your assistance, we will install the peephole at most suitable height for you.

High Security Locks Could Prove To Be Your Property Saver

It would be wrong to say that break-in scenarios take place at residential sites only. Some thieves have the guts to attempt a break-in act at commercial sites. Apply high security locks at your business site. With the usage of these locks, there is no need to hire a guard and bear extra expenses every month. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Auto Locksmith Queens has been providing high security locks for more than 10 years. We get our hands on finest locks due to excellent relations with international security device manufacturers.

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