Reliable Commercial Locksmith Queens NY



Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens NY provides our valued business customers with an array of choices when it comes to securing your offices, small business, or industrial site. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY understands that in order for your business to thrive it needs to be secure. That is why our services include changing entire locks or lock cylinders, re-keying, installing new locks (standard or very high security), fixing jammed and broken locks, removing broken keys from locks, opening locks for which the keys have been lost (lock picking), securing sliding glass doors, window locks, and any other service required.

Expert at opening locked safes

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY, we are able to open modern and antique office desk drawers, keyed electronic combination locked safes, and cabinets with standard key locks as well as combination or padlocks.


We create master and sub master key systems
Perhaps most relevant to Eddie and Sons Locksmith business customers, we can set up a master key or master/sub-master key systems for offices (exterior and interior), and loading dock doors, high security area doors and emergency locksmith Queens/panic/escape doors.

Our locksmiths have the tools and the skills to do it right

Eddie and Sons Locksmith are creators of locks and available everywhere. We repair the damaged locks, make the keys when they are lost or locked inside the car. We offer re-making of all types of keys. Our locksmiths offer their services for any kind of designs and locks. Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith in Queens NY offers the repairing of the vehicles caused by the other companies while opening up the lock. These locksmiths are specialized; they can design locks and can break every type of locks through their skills and with the help of their knowledge. They are fully equipped with their tools and know how to make their customers happy and solve their problems. In some cases, they make new keys or they break the locks.

Quality customer service, guaranteed and reasonable prices

Nowadays, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY is available online and provides many benefits to the customers. We provide quality customer service, guarantee, and insurance of their work, which satisfies our customers. We provide instant feedback to our clients. Eddie and Sons Commercial locksmith in Queens NY lists professionals and the skilled ones as compared to other locals. We have reasonable expenses.

Eddie and Sons Commercial Locksmith Queens

Professional and trained locksmiths on call
Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY offers a wide range of services. The professional is a person who can help you in lock out situations. An experienced locksmith can help you re-key the locks, make a new key, unlock damaged locks, and provide any of the lock related services that you might need. Any one we send out to help you, who is from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY is a well trained locksmith who has the training to provide unlocking for any kind of locks including digital door locks, car locks or locks in any automobile or commercial buildings.

The best business security in Queens

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY carry all brands of locks, hardware, and security devices for commercial use and can get any hardware not in our inventory to you overnight regardless of the lock. For your one-stop, lock-shop call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY.

Our Specialty Is Safes and Vaults Opened Service

Every firm has a specialty product or service. We are a service based business. Safes and vaults opened service is by far our specialty. We have been solving safes and vaults issues for 5 years. It has never happened to date that our technicians were not able to solve a particular case. Eddie and Sons Commercial Locksmith in Queens NY provides monthly training session to the staff included in safe and vault issues solving team. It enables them to stay motivated and tackle any field problems while boosting overall performance.

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