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Locksmith service you can trust

Are you searching for a locksmith service you can trust? Then look no further than Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Smithtown NY. We have the most skilled lock and key technicians in the area on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can provide you immediate and reliable maintenance whenever you need it. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with whatever our experts do for you, as well as with the affordable rates we offer for our top quality service.

Reliable protection and emergency assistance for any kind of vehicle

Are you and your family locked out of the minivan while far away from home? Is your motorbike equipped with a cheap and unreliable security system? Did you find vagrants sleeping in the cabin of your boat again? Or maybe you want to make sure that the doors on your prop jet are shut all the way before raking up more flight hours? Whatever the problem is, let the experts of Eddie and Sons Locksmith Smithtown NY take care of it. We provide reliable protection and emergency assistance for any kind of vehicle.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Smithtown NY can keep your home reliably secured

Is your door becoming a hotspot for local thieves? Did your neighbor’s house just get broken into, and the only difference between the locks on your own home and those on his is that his are now broken? Then don’t hesitate to give the home protection experts at Eddie and Sons Locksmith near me in Smithtown NY a call. We can secure all the doors, windows, and other entryways of your home with the most durable and state of the art locking devices out there.

We can reliably secure your workplace

Does it appear that the boats in your shipyard are magically sailing away in the middle of the night? Do you curate an art gallery with pieces so valuable that you will accept no less than the most theft proof security devices possible? Are trespassers constantly wandering through corridors of your office building? Whatever problem you’re having, call Eddie and Sons Smithtown Locksmith NY. We can reliably secure your workplace with topnotch security maintenance and protective devices, such as digital safes, keypad activated locks, crash bars, or whatever else is needed to protect your commercial property and employees.

Call to keep yourself and your property reliably protected

Eddie and Sons Locksmith offers the highest quality security maintenance and equipment. Call to keep yourself and your property reliably protected.

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