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Eddie and Sons Locksmith experts can open all kinds of safes, especially Sentry safes with a keypad, electronic or combination locks. Our professional locksmith team has all the tools and equipment to open Sentry safe without damaging it. We are professionals at handling lockouts, and opening a Sentry safe is not a big deal for our highly qualified and experienced professionals. You can rely on us for top-notch services in Queens, NY.

open sentry safe - Eddie and Sons Locksmith

What Are Sentry Safes? All You Need To Know!

A sentry safe is an electro-mechanical lockable storage cabinet designed for the secure storage of valuables. The name is due to its use as a security guard for storing valuable papers and documents in the military or police. The sentry safe has a combination dial and steel construction making it extremely robust. In terms of security, a sentry safe allows for the combination to be changed only by someone with the combination. However, if someone has physical access to the safe, they could simply open the safe and change the combination.

There are various brands of sentry safes on the market today. Some of these brands include SentrySafe, Bemis, and Falcon Safe. Ultimately, the choice of which brand is appropriate will likely depend on cost and personal preference. Sentry safes are extremely durable. As long as they are maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. If you need a regular maintenance check for your residential or commercial Sentry safes, call Eddie and Sons Locksmith. We can provide an inspection and recommends repairs if needed. Our locksmith Queens services are durable and affordable.

Uses Of Sentry Safes – Best Storage Option

Due to the high security and reliability associated with a sentry safe, they are commonly used in places where valuables need to be secured in an extremely secure manner, such as at banks or military bases. They can also be used in places that require a very high level of security, such as nuclear power facilities or hospitals, as well as in high-profile businesses, such as law firms or brokerage firms, where there is a high value placed on fine documents being protected from prying eyes. Due to their very low cost of ownership, sentry safes are also commonly used for temporary storage, such as at tradeshow booths or during emergencies such as in hurricanes or floods, where valuable materials need to be protected from water damage while still being able to be retrieved quickly when necessary.

Others use them for storing important papers at homes, such as passports or insurance documents, in case of theft or loss but still being able to quickly retrieve them when required, such as at public events where having these papers readily available is important but where having them stashed away under the bed could lead to problems with authorities having no idea where to find them after an incident occurs unless there is some easy way of proving their current location at that moment. Contact us if you need to open Sentry safe in case it is unable to open.

Safe Lockout? Call Us For Emergency Services In Queens, NY

A safe lockout can happen anytime and anywhere. No matter whether you are using a Sentry safe for your commercial or residential needs, we can help you unlock it quickly. We have expert locksmiths who can help you open Sentry safe without damaging it. Our emergency locksmith experts are always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us and get instant lockout services and assistance to open Sentry safe.

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