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With the stress, the financial resources, and the labor put into setting up a home, office, or getting a car. It’s just so logical why people invest in great locks and keys to protect their belongings. If you are a homeowner, business owner, or car owner and you are thinking of taking your security seriously, it’s time to get a Merrick locksmith service. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we offer all forms of lock and key services for the people of Queens, NY, and nationwide. We understand the importance of security and getting to your location, we will inspect your locks and give the best solution to whatever issue we encounter. We won’t just impose a solution on you, we will explain why you need it to you and we will let you decide.

Merrick Locksmith - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY

Commercial Locksmith – Get Your Business Running Always

Your business remains relevant and running when your employees and clients are happy and secure in your business environment. Once your business apartment has been broken into, it will affect your business significantly. To avoid any form of burglary in your business, locksmith Merrick, NY is here to help you set up a solid lock and key system for your business. Once we come over to help you in your office, your security worries will be gone. We offer businesses services such as commercial access control installation, restricted key system installation, lock installation, and so on. If you are locked out of your office, contact us for a commercial lockout solution. Locksmith Merrick NY has the solution that you need and you can count on us.

Car Fob Services – Let’s Help You Take Your Frustration Away

One of the things that make most car owners frustrated is when they are unable to get into their car. A car fob replacement issue can be very frustrating but it does not have to be, at least for long. Merrick locksmith is an expert in key fob replacement and repair, and we are looking forward to helping you. If you have tried to get into your car but your key fob is not responding; contact Hicksville locksmith to give you the best, most quality, and most affordable key fob service that you need. Once you give us a call, you can expect one of our best teams to come to your location quickly to sort the issue out. If your key fob is malfunctioning or damaged in some ways, our professionals will either help you repair or replace it.

Deadbolt Lock Service – We Are The Ones For The Job

When you need to install a new deadbolt lock or you need to repair an existing deadbolt lock, our residential locksmith Merrick is available to help you out. We offer all forms of locksmith services and deadbolt lock installation and repair is one of our areas of expertise. We are available round the clock and our prices are friendly, we are licensed, trained and our services are quality. Merrick Locksmith is dedicated to getting you the best deadbolt lock from the best manufacturers for your home and businesses. If you want to install a deadbolt lock for your home, a single-cylinder deadbolt lock is the best for home apartments. We know this because we have helped different clients with it. A double cylinder deadbolt lock is perfect for a business apartment. Generally, all deadbolt locks are not easy to manipulate.

Keyless Entry Locks – The Best Installation And Repair

If you are on the lookout to install a high-security lock and you need a professional to help you with it. Merrick locksmith service is what you should get. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to install and repair keyless entry locks for homes and offices. We can help you install locks such as alpha-numeric locks, keypad locks, biometric locks, electronic deadbolts, smart locks, and so on. With any of these keyless entry locks, you won’t have to worry about going around with a bunch of keys or worrying about losing your keys. Once you enter the right code, your door will open.

Laser Cut Keys Service – You Can Count On Us

Laser-cut keys are cut with a laser just as the name depicts. Laser-cut keys possess a great resistance against thieves and lock picks. They also contain microchip transponders which serve as a form of extra security. If the lock can not resonate with the transponder chip in a particular laser cut key, it will not grant access. A laser-cut key is thicker and more durable than other keys. To get this kind of key, Merrick locksmith is available to help you out.

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