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Unrivaled expertise in transponder keys

As the premier suppliers of transponder keys, we have experience in installing and troubleshooting problems associated with the entire transponder system. Further, our technicians are highly trained, qualified, and experienced in the functions of a car’s computerized locking mechanisms. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Lost Keys or Broken Keys Service extends these services to you at reasonable prices. We have lowered the prices so that you take advantage of the intuitive technology. Once we install the system, it is impossible for a person to duplicate the keys as they are programmed with unique codes. If anyone tries to gain illegal access, the vehicle will beep loudly to notify people around it of malicious activity.

Buy new vehicle locks instead of repairing the damaged ones

Are your vehicle locks damaged to an extent that they pose a risk to security? your valuables are protected by us. Consider installing new ones from our company Eddie and Sons Locksmith Lost Keys or Broken Keys Service today. If they had been damaged and repaired again in the past, they may not be as strong as before. The advantage of our locks is that they are affordable and give you unrivaled security and convenience. After all, the cost of repairing your old locks may just be the same as a installing new one. Therefore, make the wise decision now and let one of our technicians do the job for you.

Proper use and maintenance of window locks

Installing security window locks is one thing, and maintaining them is another. The fact that you have an outstanding window gate or lock is not enough. Invite technicians from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Lost Keys or Broken Keys Service to carry out occasional maintenance procedures. Meanwhile, ensure that the devices are operational by opening and closing them daily. If you are not sure, refer to the instructional manual provided. Should there be a hitch in operating, or should you suspect interference, contact us immediately. More importantly, do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. Doing so could invalidate the terms of our warranty.

We love to work weekends, as they are our busiest days

While most people are busy at work from Monday to Friday, we work weekends to provide our locksmith services equally to all customers. If you are a workaholic, you can allocate weekends for door visits. However, these are our busiest days. In this regard, you could find time between your busy office work to visit us on weekdays. No matter what day you choose to pop around, we will provide the same quality services that have become synonymous with Eddie and Sons Locksmith Lost Keys or Broken Keys Service. Call us on 347-252-6262 and we will duly extend our respected service.

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