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Use our passion for your benefit

Eddie and Sons Locksmith White Plains NY loves to serve people who need assistance. We love our customers, and we love our job. No exaggeration. We are wild about what we do. Our locksmiths eat, sleep, live, and love their work. To us talking about key-less touch-pad access systems is what talking about the Mets is to others. OK, maybe being married to one of our professionals might not be for everyone, but when you need a professional, we have the kind of passion for the work that you are looking for.

Key-less touch pads is our specialty

Our staff can put in a key-less touch-pad access system anywhere. Let us say, just for instance, you want a private bathroom in your home free from the kids, wife, or hubby. Alternatively, maybe you want to keep the laundry room locked up permanently so your kids cannot use the dryer like an amusement park ride. Eddie and Sons Locksmith White Plains NY can do that for you.

Available for 24/7 emergencies

Eddie and Sons Locksmith White Plains NY can easily send a locksmith to your area. We are available 24/7 for any kind of key replacement task or lockout emergency. No matter where you are, our locksmiths will be able to arrive and assist you in a matter of minutes.

Fix your problem without damage to your assets

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in White Plains NY provides skilled locksmiths that can make you a new key, and unlock the car door without any damage to your car. We can help you replace or recode the transponder keys and offer re-keys facility for ignition keys for your car.

Call 347-252-6262 to unlock any door in life

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith White Plains NY at 347-252-6262. We can put a lock on anything, and unlock any door for you. For more info, look here!