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24/7 quality service

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Scarsdale NY handles all locksmith jobs. We are the most trained professionals in Scarsdale Queens. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are ready to help you. We love keys. We can assist with any kind of lock for your car, home and business. Call us and we will send a locksmith right away.


Your safety is the key to our business

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Scarsdale NY can also install panic bars at your home or business. You will sleep well knowing that you are secure. Who knows, maybe an FBI top 10 most wanted is lurking around Scarsdale. They will not get into your home if you have one of our panic bar systems installed by one of our professional and licensed locksmiths.

We specialize in safes

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Scarsdale NY can make the keys for your safe. The services from a locksmith who is expert in providing safe unlocking solutions can help you in situations when you get your safe keys inside the safe have lost them anywhere outside or have problem unlocking the safe while the lock got jammed. We are expert in unlocking your safe without harming it. In some cases, we will be able to make keys on the spot for the safe to be opened without any damage caused.

Insured and secure service

However, you should very careful in selecting a service for unlocking your safe, as it could be a matter of great importance if you do not know about the reliability of a person unlocking your safe. Choose Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Scarsdale NY to get insured and secure services.

Call 347-252-6262 to witness true professionals

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Scarsdale NY at 347-252-6262 for a deal with a real professional. Call now and we will take 10% off your invoice. Read More.