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We are magicians with a key

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Mount Vernon NY can handle any kind of locksmith job and you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time at the right price. Our professionals love this stuff. They are like magicians with a broken key, bringing the dead back to life. In most cases, a replaced key works better than the original.


We get it right the first time

Our locksmiths are at their best during a crisis. Let us say you are freaking out because the re-keying job another service did turned out to be horrible and now you are locked out of your home or office. Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Mount Vernon NY and get the work done right. Sure, you should have called us first but everyone makes mistakes.

Able to assist in any situation

Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Mount Vernon NY is qualified to work on all cars. Bought one recently but forgot to look for a professional to fix the locks when they break? You must be very proud of your new purchase and have been showing it to your family and friends with great pride. Amidst all the happiness and glory, have you thought about a situation where you might lose the keys? We can fix your broken locks, and prepare a new key for you at any given time.

We cherish your safety

Bad things happen to good people too, so you need to be prepared to handle whatever may come. We care for your possessions and safety, so call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mount Vernon NY and we will prepare a spare key in advance, or upgrade your locking system.

Call 347-252-6262 and receive an unforgettable

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mount Vernon NY at 347-252-6262 now and finally receive the service you always expected. Show us the last bill and we’ll even take 10% off of yours. If the old locksmith is leaving you angry and blowing lava like an erupting volcano call, we and we will cool you down. Even our price won’t make you feel like you’ve been burnt.