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Locksmith Massapequa NY-based Eddie and Sons Locksmith are the expert locksmiths you’ve been looking for. We’ve been in business for many years as the premier Massapequa locksmith. So, whether it’s for auto, commercial or residential, make sure to call Eddie and Sons Locksmith!

Services For Locksmiths In Queens, NY

As stated previously, Eddie and Sons Locksmith’s expert team has been in the business for years now. We’ve helped repair, service, and install all kinds of locks as one of the best locksmith Massapequa has to offer. With our 24 hour locksmith Massapequa, NY helpline, you can always count on us to help you. No other Massapequa, NY locksmith has the same dedication we do! We help people with all kinds of lock woes as their locksmith Massapequa NY of choice. So, look no further for a better locksmith in Massapequa, NY!

locksmith Massapequa NY - Eddie and Sons Locksmith - Queens, NY

Locksmith in Massapequa, NY Works With Auto Key Experts

Modern cars have more security than ever, which is excellent. But this means you have more keys to take care of. The ignition key, the key fob, and the transponder key are the most important. Well, with this locksmith in Massapequa, NY, by your side, you won’t have to worry about car lock complications. That is because our expert locksmith Massapequa team has the know-how and tools to repair and replace them all! So next time your key breaks in the ignition or transponder key glitch out, call us for help!

Best Locksmith Massapequa; 24 Hour Helpline

Key emergencies can strike at any time; nobody is ever prepared to get stuck outside. That’s why we set up a 24-hour helpline to make sure we’re always available no matter the hour. Indeed, we want to be the best locksmith Massapequa has and beat our competition by providing stellar service. Hence, you can call our helpline, whether it’s high noon or dead of night. One of our experts will always be available to drive out to help you get back inside quickly! Indeed, make sure to save our number for any unforeseen circumstances!

24 Hour Locksmith Massapequa, NY Provides Roadside Assistance On-Call

We can provide assistance out on the road with our always-on helpline and our truck loaded and ready to go. Whether you forgot the keys inside or it broke in the ignition, we’ll head on out to help. Rather than wait on someone to pass by and help, call our 24 hour locksmith Massapequa, NY helpline. Once we receive your location, we’ll drive out and get you back on the road in no time flat. We can repair ignition keys and reprogram transponder keys.

Massapequa, NY Locksmith; Safety First

On occasions we respond to residential or commercial lockouts, maintaining the safety of everyone involved is our top priority. Our Massapequa, NY locksmith team knows how to handle these kinds of situations. That is because we always ask for proof of ownership or authorization to enter the premises. This way, we make sure only the right people get inside and help avoid bad actors. Our team knows local laws and will contact the police when they feel something is off. That’s to ensure security is preserved, both for our customers and team members!

Locksmith Near Me – Queens, NY

So next time your door lock isn’t working, make sure to call Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens, NY! We are the best “locksmith near me” experts you need. Hire our fantastic team to fix all your lock or key issues.

The zip code for this area is 11758.


Absolutely, we can! Our team has many years of experience on the job. That means we know we are always up to speed on the latest security tips and locks. Whether you want a deadbolt lock, a mortise lock, or even a safe or vault, we can help you. From the first step of the installation, servicing and repairing should need to arise.

When you’re locked out, there are a few tips for trying to get back inside. Firstly, you should check if any windows or doors are open as that would allow a quick way back inside. Of course, if you have an extra set of keys hidden outside, now is the time to use them! Finally, if you have a screwdriver handy, you can try to remove the handle to open the door. Call our locksmith in Massapequa, NY experts for help if all else fails!

Yes, we can! In fact, we work with all the types of car keys available in repairing and replacement. To be sure, our services are quick and more competitive than any dealership. Going through a dealership would lead to hassle and high costs. So, hire the best locksmith Massapequa.

That’s because an emergency can happen at any moment of the day or night. Nobody plans to get locked outside or for their key to breaking. But it can happen; life is unexpected like that. As the best 24 hour locksmith Massapequa, NY has to offer, we try always to be prepared for the unexpected. Contact us and prove our worth; we are the best!

To be sure, a mortise lock can provide excellent security. In many situations, it will be the best option. Its installation method makes it difficult to bypass and easy to both service and repair. So, call our Massapequa, NY locksmith team for more information. One of our staff members will gladly give you all the information you need

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