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Let the professionals take care of it

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mamaroneck NY can fix any lock and key in your home, car and office. If you’re locked out of your house, office, business or car and the police stop you while trying to break into your own property, you are going to have some explaining to do. You don’t want to be in a situation like that. Do the smart thing: call locksmiths in Mamaroneck NY and let a professionals take care of it.


Licensed and insured locksmiths near you

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Mamaroneck NY our professional are licensed and insured so that they can legally break into houses, automobiles and offices. Let our skilled locksmiths take the rap. There’s really no good reason for you to spend the night locked out.

Specialize in lockout emergencies

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mamaroneck NY can help you when your keys are locked in the car. Many car owners have faced this problem at least once in their lives. Every car owner gets into such a situation when he or she does not really get to pay attention to the keys. If you have already gone through a situation like this, then you must know how much of a trouble it is to getting your car opened and retrieving your keys again. The best idea is to call Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Mamaroneck NY for professional care.

Up to date with recent key-less technologies

Our locksmiths are trained in the newest technologies in the field for your convenience. The technology has introduced a key free system for many purposes including the locking and unlocking of garage doors or other doors that need a high security monitoring. In case if the transponder key is lost you can contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mamaroneck NY to help you recode or reinstall a new transponder kit in your vehicle.

Call 347-625-1697 for a job done right

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mamaroneck NY at (347) 625-1697 and get the job done right, no matter what the job, we take their jobs very seriously, much more than writing. Call now and if you can make the operator smile we’ll give you 10% off your repair.