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We will replace and repair your ignition switch keys

Stuck your keys in your ignition switch? Fear not. It all happened to us before. We at Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens NY can repair or replace your ignition switch keys so that you can enjoy a seamless drive while on the road. In case you accidentally break your key inside your ignition switch, we do broken key extraction. Our prices are also very competitive and our level of professionalism is unrivalled. We have a team of well trained and experienced personnel who are always prepared for any locksmith issues. Irrespective of your car type, we are better positioned to sort you out.


Have your keys copied for emergency situations

There are many reasons that make it necessary for you to have extra key copies. In unfortunate happenings, you might lose your keys and get inconvenienced before a locksmith comes to your rescue. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY, we can help you have your keys copied so that you can always have a spare one. Again, it is important that your key is copied by certified locksmiths. This is because your property can be at stake if your key is handled by the wrong people. We are certified, licensed and insured. You can therefore trust us to do the job. We also charge fairly and reasonably.

Why you’d rather choose magnetic locks

Have you ever locked yourself inside or outside your house or office? Then you know how frustrating this can be. By having magnetic locks in place, this will be a story of the past since these locks use electromagnetism. Secondly, they are sturdy and do not suffer much from damages such as forceful opening using crowbars. More interestingly, at Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens NY we can install it for you in a fast and easy way. We also charge fairly and reasonably for all our services. Call us today and make your order with us. We will be glad to serve you.

Are you considering to do new locks installation?

This might have given you some sort of headache trying to figure out where to start from. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Queens NY, we have the best quality new locks that can guarantee your security 24/7. Having been in this business for long, we know the best locks in the American market. Our experts have also specialized in all locksmith services such as new locks installation. Having your locks replaced with new ones can be very great strategy in beefing up your business or home security. We are available 24/7 to work for your convenience. Call us on 347-252-6262 for service.

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