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Corporate and Office Locks

Want to change all the locks in your office building? You need a locksmith who knows what his is doing, and can provide you with quality locks at an affordable price. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we guarantees all work, and can provide you with the locking mechanism that is right for your office. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens in Bronx NY can provide you with quality work that will last for years. We specialize in modern and old locks, and we can also help you with your car locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Bronx NY has the equipment to repair, replace, and re-key any lock. No matter what you are seeking for your office lock needs, we can help you. We take pride in our ability to offer quality and a great locking system.

24 Hour Assistance from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Bronx NY

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so call us whenever you need a locksmith and let us provide you with great work, at great prices. As your local Eddie and Sons Locksmith Bronx NY we guarantee our work, and we keep our prices down. We also specialize in creating and maintaining quality locking systems for any office building. We have the technology to deal with all modern lock types, and to help you gain the right locking system for your property. Our Eddie and Sons Locksmith Bronx NY is ready to assist you at any time, and is available 24 hours a day for emergencies. When you need a locksmith, keep us in mind, and let our experts provide you with quality locks and keys.

Bronx NY Locksmith Car Lockout Services Are Ideal For You

Being locked outside your car is a frustrating situation. The worst part is that such a scenario can appear at any hour of the day and night. All you wish in such a situation is that God sends an angel to solve your problem so that you are able to get going instantly. Locksmith Bronx NY car lockout services are delivered within 30 minutes of time frame after we receive a call from you. The best part is that we provide car lockout services 24/7.

Locksmiths Dead-Bolts Are Good For Home Security

Do you know what deadbolts are? They are quite similar to regular home door locks. However, the mechanism of deadbolts is more complex than regular door locks. Our experts have manufactured many different models of deadbolts. People usually install deadbolts on the front door of the house to ensure complete safety. Deadbolts should be used on the front door along regular door locks. Always choose the version of Locksmith dead-bolts which has knob on one side and key insertion option on the other side. Call us at 347-252-6262 to know more about the deadbolts we offer.