Eddie and Sons Locksmith Keys Locked in Trunk Service


Change the keys copied by prospective intruders

Do you suspect that somebody has copied the keys to your house or car, let technicians from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Keys Locked in Trunk Service fit a new system soon. Failure to do so, the intruder may gain access to and make away with your cash, important documents, household goods, or electronic appliances. More importantly, have your keys copied by a trusted locksmith. Keep a spare key somewhere so secret that nobody will mistakenly stumble upon it. Alternatively, give it to a trusted friend or relative. Similarly, let him or her give you his or her spare key so that you establish trust.


Have your locks re-keyed anytime you feel that your security has been breached

Do you hear suspicious people roaming your compound at night? If so, you need to have your locks re-keyed immediately. If those people have a copy of your key, they can easily gain entry and steal your possessions. Worse still, they could cause bodily injuries to you, your family, or other occupants. For this reason, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Keys Locked in Trunk Service is here to offer you the most reliable re-keying service yet. This service completely change the way your locks operate. The advantage is that you get a set of new keys so that the old ones cannot work.

Obtain a written quote for a master key system before installation

When you call a security locks installation company, the representatives will impulsively quote a price for the installation of a master key system. While it is natural to inquire costs, be careful with verbal quotes or those given online. The company may not provide the servicing or repair that it mentions over the phone. For this reason, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Keys Locked in Trunk Service gives written quotes in addition to the verbal quotes. Our quotation is based on actual prices and not on estimations. In this regard, we will never go back on our word.

Invest in new locks installation regularly

The world is full of crime and insecurity today. Residential areas that were once secure have now become burglars’ playgrounds. The sad fact is that you cannot identify burglars from trustworthy people. The prospective burglar could be among the guests who attend the birthday party you throw for your child at home. You never know when he or she plans to pounce. To stay safe from acts of burglary, invest in new locks installation from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Keys Locked in Trunk Service regularly. Changing the locks and keys of your house ensures that nobody has time to make an illegal copy of your keys. Call us on 347-252-6262 to learn more.

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