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Set up patio door locks for maximum security

With the dawn of each day, burglars are devising creative means of gaining access to people’s houses. You could be the next victim of burglary, but you can avoid it by setting up patio door locks from Eddie and Sons Locksmith switch Key Programming Service today. Securing the front door of your house with a high security lock is prudent, but may not be an enough anti-burglary measure. As you secure the verandah, ensure the locking system you use is easy for you to open in case of a fire breakout. Again, whenever a door or window lock is broken, fix it immediately.

Send SOS messages via radio-dispatched alarm systems

The sooner you call police after a robbery attempt, the sooner the culprit will be arrested. Take advantage of our radio-dispatched alarm systems that are triggered by voice. With a good system in place, you will be sure that security officers and law enforcers will be at your service as soon as they receive an alert from you. The device will serve you greatly in case of incidences such as break-in attempts etc. The systems are supplied, installed, serviced, and maintained by Eddie and Sons Locksmith Key Programming Service. We usually set them up at a safe corner where your children cannot reach.

Let us remove broken keys

When you break a key in its lock, you may not have the right tools to remove it. Similarly, a quack may use non-certified equipment for the job. After all, s/he may not have sufficient knowledge about the type of lock at hand. Locks are occasionally very delicate and the use of unnecessary force may render them useless. In the end, you will have to buy a new lock and still pay the locksmith for his/her labor. Therefore, always allow specialists from Eddie and Sons Locksmith Key Programming Service to remove broken keys to avoid inflicting more damage to the lock.

Install safes unlocked by a biometric mechanism

Since safes are used to store potentially dangerous possessions such as guns and bullets, it makes sense investing in ultra-modern opening and locking mechanisms. Nobody understands this fact better than the technicians at Eddie and Sons Locksmith Key Programming Service do. Contact us on 347-252-6262 to discover locks fitted with finger print scanners. All you have to do is place a finger, two fingers or your palm on a panel and voila, the locks open. While many people see this technique only in television, you can exploit its advantages now and avoid worrying about the security of your premises again in future.

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