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Technology has brought a lot of improvements into every life sector including science, health, economics, and so on. The Locksmith industry has also benefited from the innovation and it’s only left for you to take advantage of it. Now, more than ever, it’s very easy to lock and unlock your car, office, and home with or without keys. You can have records of the sets of people that came into your apartment, when they came in and when they left. Also, it’s very easy to change your keys instead of removing the whole lock system and replacing it with new ones. Having the thought that nothing will happen to your property is so amazing thanks to Bay Shore Locksmith Service. Eddie and Sons Locksmith offers all kinds of lock and key services and you can count on us always.

Bay Shore Locksmith - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Queens NY

Commercial Expert – All Professional services

When you set up a business, be small retail, big business or you have a large factory. There should be a security plan for each area in your business apartment. The Kind of doors that will be installed in your office, should be different from the one that would be installed in the exterior door. Contact Bay Shore Locksmith or locksmith Bay Shore, NY to help you design and set up the best lock and key system for your office and commercial department. Your exterior door should be more accessible, easy to open for clients, and easy to close while also offering proper security. We offer lock installation for all businesses, we offer lock replacement and maintenance services. We offer commercial key cutting and duplication and we won’t let you down.

Mobile Locksmith Service – Fast And Efficient Lock Service

With Valley Stream expert, you won’t have to come to our office to book an appointment or inform us about an issue with your lock. With just a call or text message, we will discuss what the issue might be and we will drive down to your location as soon as possible. If you are looking for a reliable mobile expert in Queens, NY, Eddie and Sons Locksmith has everything you need. We offer a mobile auto locksmith for when you need our help to fix some lock issues with your car. Bay Shore Locksmith offers mobile commercial technicians for all types of businesses whether big or small. We also offer a residential mobile expert for your home without stress. We will come to your location with the best lock and key equipment to help you sort everything out.

Lock Repair Service – Quality Repair Service

Locks wear out, even the best among them and sometimes what they need is just a simple repair. Some people have been using a half-damaged lock for some time now and are not planning to fix it because they are scared of the cost of replacement. Meanwhile, all they could have done is consult a professional. When you get in touch with an expert in Queens, we will, first of all, come over to your office, home, or wherever your car is, to inspect the locks and determine what might be wrong with it. Once we have found the issue out and have decided that it needs a simple repair, we will get to work immediately and help you resecure your property. Bay Shore locksmith offers lock repair for cars, business, and home locks.

Residential Access Control – For Your Home

The residential access control is smaller than the commercial access control. But it gives your home the best security you can ever imagine. Access Control allows you to get into or out of your apartment without using a key. This means that you won’t have to worry about keys ever again. Bay Shore locksmith can help you install the best access control system for your home. In addition, Eddie and Sons Locksmith can customize a solution that’s specific to your apartment alone, at a friendly budget. Probably you just need a smart lock or keypad door lock on your exterior door. Or maybe you need something more complex such as a biometric lock, we are capable of giving you just that. When you are looking for a lock service that gives you quality service, we are here for you.

Commercial Access Control – Upgrade Your Business Security

A commercial access control system is different and more complex than a home access control system. Keypads, card readers, and biometric fingerprint locks are part of commercial access control systems. With Bay Shore Locksmith commercial access control, we can reset codes, change lost cards, and add or remove individuals all quickly without wasting your time. Bay Shore expert is available for you.

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